When choosing your new boiler it is essential to make the right selection for you and your home. We will discuss your home requirements, and how this can be supplied in the most energy efficient way. We will look at the most efficient system for your homes needs and advise which will be the most suitable.

Types of Systems.

Combination boiler
Probably the most commonly known of boilers currently used is the combination boiler. This system supplies hot water and central heating directly from the boiler.

The most obvious difference from a combi boiler to a traditional boiler is that it does not require a hot water cylinder and cold water tank and is therefore ideal where space is at a premium, in smaller homes with one bathroom.

Traditional boiler
A traditional system incorporates a boiler, cold water tanks and hot water cylinder to supply your hot water and central heating needs. Radiators will be sized according to each rooms heating requirements whilst hot water is stored ready for use.

This hot water system is generally suitable for larger homes with two or more bathrooms and when mains water pressure is low.

Unvented Cylinders
Unvented or pressurised cylinders can be used where mains water pressure is good and is fed directly into the cylinder which removes the need for large water tanks.

Twin coil unvented cylinders can be used in conjunction with solar panels to provide domestic hot water. Unvented cylinders are most commonly used with traditional boiler systems.

System boiler
A system boiler is very similar to a traditional boiler but the main difference being that it does not require a cold water tank for the central heating.
Solar panels
Solar energy is becoming increasingly more popular with customers looking to lessen their impact on the environment and reducing the carbon footprint whilst also using less gas to heat up their hot water.

Solar panels ae generally used with unvented cylinders and can supplement your hot water needs even on a cloudy day.
Solar panels can be installed at the same time as having a new system or can be added at a later date.

Power flush
Over the years your central heating system experience a build up of sludge in your system, this can block pipes and prevent radiators working effectively whilst affecting the efficiency of your central heating system.

Using a power flush system you are able to remove flush your system through to remove any such sludge. From the images below you can see the before and after affects of a system powerflush.

Under floor heating
Under floor heating generally works at a lower temperature than radiators.

It can be incorporated into any floor but is generally more suited to tiled areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Wood Burning Stoves and Boilers
Wood or coal (multi-fuel boilers) can be installed and linked into existing gas boiler systems in various ways.

It can be then used for heating and hot water or you can carry on using your gas boiler as normal.